By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

Dec. 8, 2017

Cold mornings ( 20 degrees this morning) open up to warm afternoon sunshine and bright blue skies. It been clear, cold, windy and dry.
Surface temps at 43 degrees warming to 44.5 midday. Clarity is poor, about 3.5 to 4 ft. in both basins. Morning northeast winds gusting to 15 mph had white caps all over the east side. Add in the muddy inflow from the powerhouse at the Hamilton Branch and you got a tough day ahead.

Generally, fishing has been poor. Almost zero boat traffic around the lake. While we did manage to get out a few times we just couldn't find any place that I would call a good bite. The west side of the peninsula offered some protection from the wind and we did manage a couple fish, nothing big and the bite was random, one here and one there.

With the water so murky and visibility poor, we've been running bright fast-action lures in Fire Tiger patterns, 1/6 oz.. Speedy Shiners and J5 Rapalas at 2.5 mph were the only colors that got any attention last week.

There's at least a week of good weather ahead if you're feeling like doing some fishing, but pack a extra sandwich it could be a long boat ride.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Good luck to all.

Canyon Dam ramp open with dock.
Rec.1 and 2 open with docks.
USFS ramp and Almanor West ramps have been pulled for winter.