By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

Dec. 11, 2018

Greetings from Lake Almanor, Plumas County, Home of Big Fish.
26,000 + acres of clean water.

Here's the latest...
Currently there's 3 inches of snow on the ground, roads and ramps are dry.
Surface temps hovering around 48 degrees, average morning air temp 29 degrees. Clarity still pretty good at 9.5 ft.
Yesterday it warmed up to 42 degrees and the lake looked like a black onyx piece of glass, with blue skies and big white fluffy clouds in the west.
Lake levels have bottomed out and are now starting to rebuild.
Fishing Pressure has been ultra light. A few boats launching at the Dam and that's about it. The radio quite too, but that's expected in December.
I have been leaving out of Rec.2 my last couple outings and going north toward Bailey Springs, which is shallow.
The shallows are 12 to 16 ft. deep and holding loads of fish. Because its shallow we don't see a lot on the sonar, but the bite is solid.
I caught fish trolling Speedy Shiners rigged down at 8 ft. running at 2.8 mph, about 120 ft. plus, behind the boat.
However the biggest fish came off naked crawlers, running slower at 1.0 to 1.2 mph. also 6 to 8 ft. down.
I have released several limits every day out, and the fish are not the small ones  all 2 lbs. and up.
Mostly Rainbows and just a couple Browns. The biggest Brown released looked to be over 6 lbs., a real bruiser.
The Rainbows are enjoying the cold water, their colors never looked better.
I did keep a couple Rainbows for the smoker, and the ones I checked had tiny, looked like smallmouth Bass inside, a even a few little Catfish, little like 1.5 inches long.
While the action at Baily Creek has been good, The plan is to hit Almanor West this week, and then move over to the east shore, weather permitting.
The weather has been unusually good for mid Dec., so I need to take advantage of this opportunity before its begins to snow again and the lake ices up
While the weather has been cooperating, there is a change coming in Friday and probably more on the way.
Check road conditions before making the trek up here.
FYI, DFW stocked about 20,000 Browns last month. at Canyon Dam
Good Luck, and Merry Christmas, Hope Santa treats you good.

Canyon ramp open with dock.
Rec.1 and 2 open with docks.
USFS dock and Almanor West dock has been pulled for the winter.

Almanor Fishing Association NEWS.
Hamilton Branch:
AFA has been working to enhance the fish opportunities here at Lake Almanor for over 20 years.
Our Fish Pen Program is the largest in California releasing over 2 million trout into Lake Almanor over that time, and is in the best shape ever.
Here's a brief recap of what AFA volunteer work crews have accomplished the last couple seasons.
Repaired and realigned access stairway, including concrete footings and welding.

Because of all this work by our membership volunteers, we were able to load in 50,000 Rainbows into the pens on Oct 23rd. 2018
Moving 50,000 trout into these Pens took 12 to 14 guys 2 days of hard work.
We will feed them all winter and release them in April.

That's not all.
AFA membership working with the Chester High School ARI program ( Almanor Research Institute).
Have Raised approx.1500 Brown trout from eggs. These Browns are 4 to 5.5 inches long and are now in Fish Pen #4 at the Branch.
This is the first time AFA has had Browns in the our fish pen project.
Raising Browns this year was a learning curve for AFA.  but we did it.
The plan is to do it again next year, but raise more Browns.. Like 10,000 or more, as many as we can safely get into the tanks.

Further more, in addition:
Good News.
Working to get more Browns into Lake Almanor, the AFA has struck a deal with Feather River College and DFW.
The AFA will help FRC with fish food and minor equipment needs.
In turn We get the fish. They, the FRC, have ordered and already received 50,000 fertile Brown Trout eggs. These fish will be raised by the FRC students under the Supervision of Adam Fuller, Hatchery Director and AFA oversite. When the Browns are big enough they will be released into Lake Almanor, or put into our Fish Pens, were just not sure yet. We still have a long way to go.
However this is again, another first for AFA, to be working with FRC to get more Browns.
Once we get a handle on this we will focus more attention toward Salmon.
We have accomplished a lot the past 2 years because of our memberships support.
In 2019 I encourage you to join the Almanor Fishing Association and support help this worthy program.
We will put your membership dollars to WORK.

AFA. Keeping Almanor great.