By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

June 25, 2018

Surface temps in the mid to upper 60s. Clarity is excellent about 22'. That's about the best I've seen here. Water Quality is perfect, and lake levels are high.

The bite is good, boats around both basins have been reporting fish. Dorado, Rocky Point, Red Banks, the Snag, Big Springs, Goose/Flag Island, and Canyon Dam are all names we have been hearing often. No news from Rec.1 to the A-Frame, but there got to be fish in that trolling lane this time of year.

Boats on anchor suspending baits have reported and released some big Browns at Rocky Point. Anchovy tails at the Snag, friends reporting limits of Salmon. Suspending Mealworms and Crickets are often pickup as hex larva anytime of the day. Yes the hex hatch started last week, perhaps earlier. Fly fishermen reporting a flurry of action around sundown along the west side from Rocky Point th Almanor West. Hex casings are easy to spot floating all over Lake Almanor, and the hatch could continue for another 10 days. After that, most insect reproduction activity will be wrapping up. The smelt will now be moved up to the top of the fish food menu.

Trollers are hooking up too. We had 14 fish yesterday, fishing in 3 areas, and running different stuff just to mix it up. Everything worked. Most action came at 18 and 22 ft. early. Deeper later in the day. And around Big Springs we got Salmon at 48 ft. deep off Shiners. Speedy Shiners, Moose Looks Wobblers, Threaded crawlers, mealworms and dodgers, all these set ups produced fish for us the past few outings. I did see other boats with nets going out, and chatter on the radio sounded pretty positive with boats reporting the good news.

There has been a increase in fishing pressure, especially around the weekend, and most guys were trolling slow action software, like threaded Crawlers, Gulp Power Worms, Dodgers, and Flashers. And most of the time that's all you need to do. However have the fast action hardware ready just in case. some time a quick changeout produces fast results. Did for me yesterday, after picking up a couple Rainbows the bite weakened. We switched out to fast action and nailed 7 fish in 1 1/2 hours. Summertime and the fishing is good.
Good luck to all.

All ramps are open. Canyon Dam work is almost completed and the road over the dam HWY 89 is open.

Fishing News.

Almanor Fishing Association family BBQ is Saturday July 28th. This fundraiser will help pay for the feeding of 50,000 Rainbow trout that we will receive next October. The AFA has 10 fish pens. The pen project is located in the Hamilton Branch. Each pen can hold 5000 fish. 3 of these cages are damaged and our volunteers will be repairing them this summer. The AFA have raised and released over 2 million fish into Lake Almanor over the last 20 years.
We cannot do it without your help. Hope you can make it. If you cant make it and want to help. You could donated on The AFA web page and click on the 'Donate' button. It's tax deductible. I have tickets. Steak Dinner with the works. $20.00. Hot Dog plate with the works. $10.00. Doug Neal, 530-258-6732