By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

August 12, 2017

With a cool start to August surface temps actually lowering to 75 degrees. That could change with another hot spell like we had in mid July.
Clarity is excellent about 19 to 20 ft. Lake Levels still very good, we are full, but are slowly coming down. Latest lake levels from the water Dept. at 4491.5 elevation. Moon phase is waning and the bite has been pretty good.

The east basin is the place to be this time of year for Trout and Salmon. Want Bass? work the west side. Boats are scattered looking for the hot spot, and there are several hot spots. East shore, Canyon Dam, Bunell Point, Rec1 to A-Frame, Big Springs, Rocky Point, Hamilton Branch, Spar Buoy, take your pick. All of these areas reporting hook ups, some of them big fish.

Fish are really getting after the smelt, which are growing quickly and are now about 1.25 inches long. Some boats are already switching out to fast action lures, while others are still working the much slower stuff like dodger mealworms and threaded crawlers.. Again take your pick as both trolling styles are producing. The bite last week was early, lines in the water by 5:45. Action can be furious as we could barley get 2 lines in the water and BAM! Also the bite has been going a little stronger and deeper into the mid morning, before slowing down around 11:00 am.  Surface temperatures are still warm and fish are down in that cooler water, most hook ups are coming at 30 ft. and deeper or 10 ft. off the bottom.

Fast action boats are pulling Speedy Shiners, in red and gold, and silver hammer finish. Also #2 Needlefish in Clown Bikini, and 3 dot frog at 2.8 mph. Rainbow Runners, and Rapalas are being run a little slower at 2.2 mph. Slow action guys are pulling dodger/mealworm combos, threaded naked crawlers, and Gulp Smelt real slow .06 to 1.2 mph. Both methods are currently producing everything from small Salmon and medium Rainbows, to whoppers Rainbows ranging from 3 lbs. to 4.8 lbs. A few fish reported pushing 5 lbs. My boat had one fish that came in at a flat 6 lbs. this week.

These bigger fish have been slamming the dodger/mealworm combo. I been running the SMD dodgers at 42 ft. while stacking threaded crawlers at 36 ft. with enough success to keep me doing it all week. SMD is the Strike Master Dodger from Seps Pro Fishing. don't have one? they got them in Chester, at the ACE hardware store and the Sports Nut. The mealworms? get the giant "Keep Me Warm" mealworms, and use a threader to get them on the hook.

Fishing Almanor right now you cant miss. Be prepared to catch some juvenile Chinook Salmon, you cant go anywhere around Almanor,s east basin without catching some of these little guys. Try to release the non bleeders, if you got a bleeder? its good eating, enjoy.

All ramps are operational with docks, just bring your boat .General boat traffic, like skiers and tubers has dropped with most school districts back in session.
FYI,  I just had a three day cancellation, Aug 21 thru 23 are currently open. A sick dog would keep me home too.

So, to sum it up, good water quality, a beautiful mountain setting, dark moon phase, good bite, and possible BIG fish, less boat traffic...whatta you waiting for?