By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

Oct. 12, 2017

Surface temps at 58.8 degrees and dropping. Clarity is poor, about 4.5 ft. Big wind all week kept most boats in or close to protection...Northeast wind of 14 to 18 mph and gusts to 28 will do that. A couple boats worked protected west side of the peninsula, or the east shore, hugging the shore line trying to stay out of the wind. And more wind in the forecast for the next couple days. Expect possible big southwest winds in the afternoon. Because of the wind, fishing pressure has been light and not too many reports coming in. John Crotty from Quail Lodge at Canyon Dam reported picking up 10 fish his last outing but only 2 real good ones, the rest smaller. About the same here, my last outing we only got 2 Salmon and a couple other hits and that's been it.

Clarity is the issue. If they cant see it, they can't bite it. Factor in that huge Harvest Moon last week and the bite is on hold. The moon phase is waning now but the clarity probably will not improve for weeks from all that wind. And now, the lake has turned over, or has started to turn over. Upwellings from lake temperature changes has added to the clarity issue. Generally fall fishing here can be pretty good. All we need is for that wind to settle down, and clarity to improve, and were back. However time is running out and it feels like a early winter is coming our way. Either way...Check the weather before making the trek up here.

The Almanor Fishing Associations  "Fish Pen Project"  Update.

Concrete work for the new pad has been pushed back as we wait for PGE to approve our permit request. (Hopefully by the time you read this it will have been approved.)
One the concrete pad is in place, we can fix/attach the stairway going down to the loading dock. In the meantime John Crotty and myself will take turns boating over to the cages and feeding the fish. The new loading dock we purchased is being put into position today or tomorrow. The cages have been cleared of any floating debris, and the walls scrubbed clean with wire brushes. That happened yesterday in some pretty stiff wind.

This afternoon we will receive and unload 7800 pounds of fish food into the storage shipping container. 35,000 Rainbows will be delivered and moved into the cleaned cages on Monday Oct. 16th. Transferring 35,000 fish from the truck and into these cages takes 18 to 20 guys all day to complete. Hopefully we can get some more fish, but it's hard to get a firm answer out of DFW lately. The Almanor Fishing Association is a hard working group of local guys who could not do all this work without the help of our supporting membership, sponsors, and local merchants.

Attached to this report are pictures from previous years of your AFA crew, working to enhance your fishing opportunities at this beautiful lake. Working together we will make Lake Almanor an even better, stronger, and a diversified fishery.

D. Neal,
AFA BOD member