By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

June 23, 2017


Surface temps approaching mid 70s. clarity, still good, 12 to 14 ft. Water quality is excellent, and lake levels are good at 4492.5 ft. elevation. Moon phase, Waning. 25,000 catchable Rainbows planted June 10th.

Aquatic inset hatches have dominated the fish food menu for the last month, and now the famous hex hatch is kicking into high gear. Factor in a week of high temperatures and every bug imaginable is reproduction mode and getting airborne.
Our big fish, and planters are getting fat and happy, plenty to eat, and clean fresh water.

The bite has picked up the last couple days as that moon is long gone. Prior to that the bite was tough and we all worked longer for fewer takedowns. Now take away that moon light, and they are turning back to the "morning bite schedule".

Everywhere around both basins guys and gals are reporting fish, some more than others. Slow trollers are getting them on naked thread crawler at 1.0 to 1.2 mph. Almanor West, and The west side of the peninsula, north of Rec .2, have been producing some nice fish. Averaging 2 to 3 lbs. however a few bigger fish over 4 lbs. reported, and one at 5.2 lbs. reported.
We got that 5.2 Rainbow, down rigged, at 22 ft. about 6:00 am. Lately with the surface so warm, all our fish came deep, from 16 ft. early, dropping to 22 and 26 ft. as the sun got higher.
The east shore reported several fish last week in the 3 to 3.8 lbs. range. all in the late morning, trolling from Lake Cove  north to The Dorado.

Lots of recently planted rainbows and small salmon are chasing everything. Watch your lines, or you could be dragging one around and not know it. Fish are focused on slow moving items. Larva moving slowly up from the bottom are being picked off like endless snacks. So, a slow moving crawler looks like a more satisfying meal "size wise".  A few boats reported running fast action lures, and were less successful. Catching and releasing small 12" salmon. I feel like when the bugs are finished, and the hatch begins to decrease, that's when the fast action gear should kick in. When the bugs are gone, they will have to start chasing the ever growing smelt fry. Or, super slow trolling gulp smelt, to achieve "the dead look". Either way, by the end of July it will be more about the smelt. All ramps, and resorts are open.

Local fish news... Almanor Fishing Association, next meeting Thursday June 29th. 6:00 pm, at the Lake Almanor Country Club outside patio. Come earlier if you want grub.

HELP... Support the folks that work hard to enhance the fish opportunities here at Lake Almanor.
Come join in, at the Almanor Fishing Associations, 25 th. Annual Family BBQ. Saturday June 29 th. from 4 pm to 9 pm. Location, Rec area  #1, Lake Almanor Country Club.

NY Steak dinner with the works.  $20.00 in advance. $25.00 at the door. Hot Dog plate $10.00, with all the fixings. Call me at 530-258-6732 to reserve yours.

Proceeds from this event will help pay for the food for the fish cage program, and help toward with repairs from the damage of last winter.
A special thanks to those of you offering labor and donations toward these looming repair costs.

We need to get these cages fixed, or we could lose out on getting a full 50,000 rainbows next October.