By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

Jan. 9, 2020


Surface Temps @ 38.4 degrees. Clarity holding around 7 ft. to 8 ft. Lake levels still look good, @ 4483.2 ft. elevation. Air temp in the mornings about 25 to 30 degrees, and it snowed about 1/2 inch last night.
Roads are pretty much clear, and dry by noon.

Fishing pressure is light, just a few boats out. Some mornings there's only one other boat trailer in the parking lot, and some morning there none. Some ice forming at night in the west basin shallows, but with all the sunshine it melts away quickly.

January weather has been quite so far. There's a few small weather events passing thru but the lake is very fishable. And that's been the story here lots of great winter fishing weather. With the moon just about full, and the cold I've been taking my time in the morning, heading out after 9 or 10:00 am.

Here's a few of the places we worked the past week.

There's unsettled weather in the forecast, so check out the roads before attempting a trek up here. Usually about mid January the bigger storms arrive, so we will see what we get. Canyon Dam is the only public lake access open with a dock.

Good luck in 2020.
D. Neal

AFA update.
The Almanor fishing Association volunteers have kept busy in 2019. The Brown Trout project at ARI is doing well. These Browns were started from eggs last January and are now about 4 plus inches long. AFA President John Crotty and myself inspected the new cages being built last week. They are about 80% completed. We are going to move some 10,000 to 20,000  Browns into the 2 new cages, once in place at the Hamilton Branch, and weather permitting. The AFA has been working hard to enhance the fishing here for over 20 years. And by expanding from 10 cages to 12 cages, we will raise more and larger Browns every year going forward. This is a big deal, and something we started aggressively working toward 2 years ago, and now its about to happen. Its good for all fishermen and women, good for the community and our merchants. Now, The current 10 cages at the Hamilton Branch Rainbow Trout Project is in good shape as well. Repairs and upgrades were complete this year by about 10 different volunteer work crews. The 50,000 plus Rainbows in the cages are growing and feeding well. They currently eating about 1.5 bags of food daily, which is about 60 pounds. That will continue to increase to 80 pounds as these fish grow. Last years fish were eating about 100 pounds a day just before being released in late April 2019.
Join the AFA. Check out current postings and photos at Almanor fishing Association on Facebook.