Things can change quickly up here at lovely Lake Almanor.  The weather man put the hammer on the head of the nail and we started receiving snow.    There is up to 5" of new snow that has fallen.  The forecast is for continued unstable and breezy temperatures for this upcoming week.  It's a little early to predict the weekend, but it looks to trend better by weeks end. 

 Water quality remains fair.  The bite at the dam has tapered off.  It's still offering up a brown trout or two.  With some exceptions, the size of the fish has fallen off.  At least for me, I'm not too proud to admit that I've seen the quality of the fish decrease.  That means, of course if size is what is meant by quality.  There are some beautiful brown trout to be caught down there.  Gorgeous fish.  Please be responsible, handle them briefly and release these magnificent deep golden fish.   Most of my catch there has slipped into the 3 or 4 pound class of fish.  I've heard reports of good fish continuing to offer themselves up along the east bank, but the story has to be the Peninsula run from Big Cove to Recreation area 1.  If you happen to be there this last Saturday, you were in for a real treat.  All boats seemed to be reporting quality catches from there out into 45' of water down to 30' on the downrigger wire.  Most anglers are targeting them trolling slow with smelt imitations.  Others still have had success trolling Rapalas and worms.  There was a perceptible decline in the bite on Sunday as this last storm came in and the winds picked up midday.

If you plan on fishing from shore the Hamilton Branch is offering up some quality fish on the fly.  I personally watched fly anglers landing nice trout just below the powerhouse using an indicator.  Mark at the Sierra Fly and Tackle Shop would know well what flies they are using this time of year.  Give him a call.

That's all I know for today.  We all breathed a sigh of relief up here when the Kopper Kettle Cafe' opened up again.  If you can make it up here, stop by one of the local establishments and grab a bite to eat, a splash of gas, or even just a soda.  You're appreciated.



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