The weather remains beautiful. Water temperatures are increasing and currently sit min the mid 40's. Water Clarity is increasing as well. I was watching the yellow clip on my downrigger ball and it finally fell out of site about 9' down. That's about a 3' increase in clarity since my last report. Winds have been light and picking up to become a nuisance about right on cue at 1pm. Canyon Dam boat ramp is reported to be seeing an increase in traffic to the point it's becoming frustrating for the regular anglers who have used this launch without issue for most of the winter. Be prepared and arrive early if you'll be using this ramp. I heard a story about someone who camped in their cab over camper this last weekend. Apparently this person chose to launch the night before and left his boat tied up to the boat launch for the horde to deal with in the morning. Needless to say, I understand words were exchanged and the boat luckily was not sunk by angry launchers.

The bite remains steady but far from spectacular. I continue to fish Big Cove and along the buoy line as far down as the A-Frame. I'm still slow pulling smelt imitations at 20' to 25'. When the bite dies there, I've been moving around trying new water and different presentations. Bass fishermen and boat traffic are becoming more regular. I caught my first small mouthed bass of the season last Sunday. I've continued graphing fish in the Hamilton Branch. As usual I enjoy watching the fly fishermen artfully test the waters with their fly gear as I feed the young trout at the Almanor Fishing Association's trout pens. What a special program this is, and a wonderful experience to enjoy. If you are up here with your family reach out. I'd be happy to help you coordinate an opportunity to feed the fish before they are released in the lake. With that said I've also noticed an uptick in anglers parking along the causeway on highway 36.

The Osprey returned last week and have begun nesting. The swallows are back in droves. Insects are hatching. Spring is definitely in the air. The west side bite hasn't materialized yet. Everyone is anxious for the rainbows to begin biting. Good luck, good fishing and please work to be patient and get along out there.

P.S. The Pine Shack burgers soft serve ice cream and more has opened for the season! Heck Yes.


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