The weather has turned truly gorgeous up here at Lake Almanor. Boating pressure has been on the increase and a few bass tournaments have been underway. Canyon Dam has continued to be the public point of access. I've been impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the tournament anglers I've encountered. I'm glad to hear they have had solid success small mouth fishing. I expect this success to continue to increase over the next month.

Trout fishing has been good, actually pretty good, then horrible, then good. It's changing day to day with mixed bags. I've given up predicting how the day will go. Flip a coin. bites are developing in spotty areas, at different depths throughout the eastern and southern parts of the lake. Anglers are scattered throughout the lake searching for fish. Boats are trolling both fast and slow as anglers try to develop a pattern and find feeding fish. Water clarity is good on the south side of the lake and throughout the east basin. The clarity remains about 10' to 12'. The north west side of the lake is murkier with visibility about 5'. I have yet to hear of any success fishing the north west side. The rainbows are on the take again with good fish being landed trolling hardware along the south west side as far west as the Forest Service West boat ramp. Most successful anglers are trolling fast pulling spoons of various makes and colors with fish feeding deep, below 20'. Needle Fish and speedy shiners in red and gold being favorites. I've personally landed rainbows and salmon at Recreation area 1 and 2, Prattville area, and even crossing the middle of the lake from Rec 2 to Prattville. Large brown trout in the 5lbs to 7lbs class have been boarding my boat for a visit before being released at Big Cove and along the rocky ledges north and east towards Hamilton Branch. Ayoob's Mountain Hardware and Sierra's Fly an Tackle both have ample supply this time of year of everything you'll need to be successful. Now, you just need to get on the water and find the fish.

Good luck out there.


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