Here we are at the end of June.  It's been a busy month and lot has been going on.  People are up here enjoying the shoreline.  There is a lot of activity.  Popups and trucks, barbecues and beers on the shoreline all day give way to float tubes and fly anglers sharing the water with bait anglers as evening sets in.  Into the darkness the persistent angler is trying to fool a trout of a lifetime.  And a few of them have been landed.  Reports, although spotty, are coming in of 10+ lbs brown trout as well as rainbows in excess of the 10 pound mark.  The bite is spotty.  Some nights, nothing, other nights a fish or two.  One just never knows when that trophy will be at the end of the line.

Water temps are hot.  They are Approaching 70 degrees on the surface on the west side and a couple of degrees cooler on the east.  Fish are active on both sides of the of the lake.  Bait balls of what I believe to be small pond smelt are beginning to be seen swarming on the fish finder.  The bite has been steady, but measured on both sides of the peninsula.  On the west side, the "Red Banks" on up to above bailey creek are producing fish.  Slow trolling in shallow water as well as still fishing above Bailey Creek at Bailey Springs is effective.  Get there early.  There is a lot of pressure up there and limited viable water.  Fish are also being produced to the south along the peninsula trolling slow with worms.  I am increasingly spotting boats pulling in sling blades and flashers.  Although I don't fish with them, it's a strategy to impart movement into a worm and attract action as well as achieve some depth.  Something you might try.

On the east side, the area around Recreation Area 1 on the Peninsula is attracting fishermen.  They are catching Browns and Rainbows trolling deep in the morning.  If you can't get down to 40+ feet with your lures, it's going to be more of a challenge.  I've landed some quality fish during this stretch trolling baits slow and deep.  Most of the guys that have been trying the East Shore have given up, or are currently struggling to produce many fish.

I expect to see the hex hatch begin to subside and the bite to become increasingly spotty as we move into July.

I hope to see you on the water and good luck.



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