Unfortunately conditions have changed in the Lake Almanor basin.  The calm of the passed week was replaced yesterday with breezy conditions.  As you probably know it pushed the fire down to the west shore between the West Shore Boat Launch and the Forest Service west launch.  I personally watched the fire fighters make a stand against encroachment with equipment at the the West Shore Boat Launch.  It was impressive.  They were able to stop forward movement of the fire and then boxed it in before it burned back into the Lassen Campgrounds to the east.  Last I heard this morning no structures were destroyed yesterday in the Almanor West area.

Today is a new day.  I am receiving warnings of evacuation up Highway 147 as far as Clear Creek.   A friend informed me as of 11:40am today that people are beginning to exit Westwood.  147 currently has traffic enforcement stopping southbound traffic at the railroad tracks south of Clear Creek.

We are expecting high winds today and erratic fire behavior.  Almanor Fishing Adventures operations and in fact the entire Lake Almanor is now under mandatory evacuations.  All operations are suspended until these orders are removed.  Heavy smoke has settled into the basin and I am hearing reports of worsening wind conditions at the higher elevations.

Please stay safe if you are in the path of the fire.  I look forward to returning to fishing as soon as conditions permit.

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