Almanor Fishing Report



Monday we reached a high of 85 degrees.  Forecasts say we should see a week of similar temperatures trending higher towards the weekend with calm mornings turning to typical afternoon winds in the double digits.  Smoky skies have been the norm with reasonably beautiful sunny days, or sunny mornings being mixed in as mother nature sees fit.

Water temperatures were 67 degrees today.  Holding steady for the last week and down from pre fire highs of 74 degree water.  The current lake elevation is reported down 4.2 inches this week.  The lake is reported down 4.18 feet from its highest point in June of this year.

Roads leading into the greater Lake Almanor basin are all affected one way or another by either active or recent fire.  The most reliable routes are highway 32 and 36. Highway 70 to 89 has controlled traffic.  Highway 36 from Susanville is still suffering closures.  Traffic from Susanville is getting routed to Highway 44 and down the A21, or Mooney road if you prefer.  Traffic into the area is generally becoming more reliable. 

Fishing has been good.  All public boat ramps are currently closed.  Our public forests as well as the public campgrounds nearby are also currently closed.  Private boat launches are notably open at Prattville and Big Cove.  Fishing in the Hamilton Branch has been reported to be excellent.  Fishing on the fly or with bait are producing reports of large fish as well as large quantities of fish.  Stationary fishing by boat as well as trolling are also producing quality fish.  Fishing pressure is notably light providing excellent opportunities for the adventurous angler.  Today we landed our largest rainbow of 22.5” near the mouth of the Hamilton Branch river cove trolling a Japanese Pond Smelt imitation down 22’ on the downrigger wire. 

Many, if not most local businesses are open.  My wife and I dined last night at a local restaurant.  We were humbled and impressed to see staff who have lost their homes at work.  The resilience and perseverance of the local community is amazing.  Please stop in and appreciate their efforts.

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