Today we started with the same temperature as last week, 52 degrees.  Instead of a high of  86 we made it to a high of 79 today under clear skies and light wind.  The Almanor basin is forecast to have cooler starts in the morning and moderate afternoon temperatures through the week.  Of notable news, we did get measurable precipitation this last week.  There is a possibility we will see more towards the end of this week.  If you are traveling into the basin this week expect morning temperatures to be as low at 45 degrees to start the day.

Water surface temperatures are holding steady around 67 degrees in the morning.   The skies for the most part have become clear.  The clearer skies have pushed water temps up into the low 70s by mid day.  Clarity has reduced about a foot down to 10’ or 11’.  Algae is still accumulating on surface lines and the lake is a dark green.  Lake level dropped just over 4.5 inches this week, a welcomed decrease from the 6 inch loss last week.

Driving into the Almanor basin on highway 32 is clear and open.  36 is reported to have controlled traffic from Mineral almost all the way to 32.  Highways 70 and 89 are still under controlled traffic.  Highway 36 west from Susanville also has road construction delays.  Highway 44 west out of the Almanor basin is under hard closure.

National forests as well as all public boat launch access is still closed at the time of this report.  I have heard people saying there is a possibility that these restrictions will be lifted for this weekend.  I recommend calling ahead if you hope to utilize the public boat ramps.  The general area of both Canyon Dam and Forest Service West have been impacted by fire.  Also be aware of dredging operations by PG&E to clear the channel from the Butt Reservoir pumps.  I hear they will be dredging the area all the way to the feather river channel over the next couple of months.

Fishing has slowed for both trollers and bank fishermen.  We continue to target the east shore from the dam on up and around to Big Cove.  Boats are beginning to scatter earlier as the bite continues to trend more difficult.  Jigging around Recreation Area 2 on the peninsula remains good.  I’ve continued to fish the Hamilton Branch area and work pockets of fish when I find them.  Fish can be found throughout the water column.  Bank fishing is limited at this time mostly to the Hamilton Branch.  If they open Canyon Dam this weekend I would expect the fishing in Geritol Cove to be good.

Good luck.  As always, please practice catch and release and support our amazing community and wonderful fishery.