It seems like I say it every time, but wow, how times flies.

We are experiencing clear, quiet and warm days here on Lake Almanor.  Typical mornings are none to light winds, scattered frost and a sprinkling of amazing sunrises.  Days are starting about 34 degrees and are ending in the mid 60s before quickly cooling off as the sun fades behind the mountains and trees.  The future forecast is leaning towards unsettled weather next week.  If you get this report early enough, get on the water.  The fishing is amazing.  Boat traffic is non existent and the bite is strong with beautiful fish coming to eager nets for photos and releases.  The water temperature is in the upper 40s.

There is still an algae bloom creating visibility problems in the western basin.  I suggest fishing the east side of the lake.  Either around the peninsula or down towards the dam.  Temperatures and dissolved oxygen are good throughout the water column.  Fish are coming from the bottom to the surface with each day potentially bringing new surprises.  It's not uncommon to catch fish simply by letting line out the back of the boat.  Just the same, its not uncommon to hook into a good fish at 30'.

Jay Fair trolling flies behind wiggle disks at 2 mph, worms and Japanese pond smelt imitations are producing fish.  Ayoob's Intermountain Hardware and Sierra's Fly and tackle are both still open and can provide all of your tackle needs in the area.  Be sure to stop by Koninkrijk Coffee house and get a coffee.  The pastries there are as good as the fishing.

See you on the water.  Hurry before it gets windy.  It's truly a beautiful week we are in the middle of up here.



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