Happy New Year.  We finally broke through the ice and made it to the lake.  As expected the fishing was still good.  We have been boating and releasing numerous fish in the 5lbs class with our big fish for the week topping the scales just above 7lbs before being released back into the 36 degree water.  The days without wind are exceptionally enjoyable.  The boat heater pumps out plenty of warmth to keep everyone happy inside the cabin.

We targeted fish on the east shore pulling worms and plastics while looking for schools of bait.  The action seems to heat up in the afternoons and clients seem happy to not have to brave the darkness to get started on an enjoyable day on the water.  With warm temperatures in our forecast and sunny skies on the horizon, it's time to get on the water and target some trophy fish.

Almanor Fishing Adventures is geared up and ready to launch.  If you're prepared to enjoy beautiful day on the water, I wouldn't hesitate to suggest booking a trip for next week.  Choose a day with the least wind expected and you'll be in good shape.



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