The roads are clear.  The snow has settled and fallen from the trees.  Squirrels are out enjoying the beautiful sunny days with calm winds.  The mornings are starting out in the mid 20's.  As of this writing on Monday morning at 9am, it's 25 degrees outside, but a balmy 61 in the house.  A fishing report is in order.

Canyon Dam is open, plowed and clear.  Anglers are filling Geritol Cover in large numbers on the weekends.  A good number of boats were on the water as well.  Ice is becoming an annoyance.  I won't call it an issue yet, but a concern.   It's affecting trolling lanes around the dam and has completely isolated the west side of the lake from Rec2, across to Plumas Pines and of course all the way up to the Causeway.

Most boats are targeting the south end of the lake by the dam.  The fishing started to trend poor towards the weekend with long hours put on the water.  Quality fish were the reward.  Catch rates were in the single digits, but quality fish to over 7 lbs were coming to the net.  Luckily the complete absence of annoying boat traffic, and the clear sunny days with mostly light winds are producing beautiful fishing conditions.  It's hard to not enjoy a day of fishing under snowy Mt. Lassen as the eagles, Greebs and Ravens all enjoy the day with you.  The sun warms the afternoon into the 40s and of course The Olivia Lynn's heater keeps the cabin toasty.

If you have some time available, there really is no reason to stay home.  Come up and fish.  Start out at the dam.  Don't fret about getting on the water early.  The fish are feeding intermittently all day long.  Enjoy an afternoon of solitude and nature.  The fish are throughout the water column.  Don't be afraid to troll gear at different depths.  We are catching fish at 30' as well as 10'.  Good luck out there.




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