It's 4pm, Wednesday.  The barometer is falling and clouds are blowing by on windy conditions. Outside it's just shy of 50 degrees. Sunny, shady, sunny, shady.  The forecast looks generally good.  Nothing to keep you off the water until maybe later in the day Saturday.  You just never know.  Maybe it will blow, maybe it will be flat calm.  As we like to say, you don't know if you don't go.

Unfortunately the fishing has become more difficult.  Fly fishing in the Hamilton Branch is producing fish.  A few people are still on the bank at Canyon Dam.  I got a picture of a massive 8 pound class rainbow that was lured to its demise in Big Cove by a bank fisherman.  Sad to see it go.   I've been trolling around the east basin still.  I haven't heard anything positive happening on the west side yet.  A few bugs are in the air on warm days, but nothing significant..  I've been struggling to find a consistent bite.  There have been some nice fish, but the bite has slowed and it's a bit of a grind out there.  We caught and released a 6.5 lbs and a 7.25 lbs brown trout a couple days ago and today released our four fish with the biggest coming in at 24" and the smallest 20".  So, nice fish, right?  I don't know.  Over an hour per fish, that's kind of a grind, but sometimes a reality of the job.  There are still some rainbows to be found down by the dam, and some nice browns too.  The fish seem scattered, so don't be afraid to look around.  We found some fish today hanging out along the rocks south of Big Cove on the Peninsula.  Then we looked around and found some more fish down at the Dam that were still on the bite.  We also covered some ground and didn't see much exciting at all.