The weather turned on us.  Summer like temps with clouds of midge flies and hatching black ants to literally clouds, wind and slushy snow.  Yesterday on Highway 36 there were three cars off of the road between Clear Creek and Chester when cloudy rainy skies cleared and freezing temps created black ice on the roadway.

The fishing has remained basically the same.  The lake is confused.  Fish remain everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  It's some type of twilight zone out there.  One day is 4 lbs class rainbows and salmon coming in and the next it's where did they go clyde?  Which way did they go?  Which way did they go?  It's like the lottery.  You hit the jackpot and you're a hero.  Miss it and endure the stories back at camp about the guy who stumbled across the mother lode.

I've been bouncing around the lake targeting fish in the east basin.  Fish are holding on the graph in about 25' of water.  Find good returns on your sonar, you've got a chance.  If the weather permits, I've been fishing slow, but when you hit the right spot everything is working.  I've watched good fish come in on Rapalas, worms, plastics, spoons and of course the fly fishermen were having their day while the weather was cooperative.  Some bass fishermen have been finding quality brown trout in the shallows targeting smallmouths.  Just keep with the theme right now.  They could be anywhere and they just might feel like they're nowhere too.  It's a lottery.  I'd suggest trolling something fast and hunting around.  The dam is still producing fish as well as the A-frame run down to Rec 1 on the Peninsula.  The Plumas Pines area on the west shore has had intermittent action. 

Good luck out there.  Keep an eye on the weather.  Pick a day that looks safe and roll the dice.



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