Summer has officially arrived at Lake Almanor.  The impressive temperature swings and fluctuations between warmth and then snow flurries has given way to steady daytime highs in the lower 70s.  Manageable afternoon breezes are becoming predictable and recreational boaters have returned to our waters.

At the time of this writing, fishing is trending towards good.  Yesterday we boated 6 rainbow trout in three hours in the 18" class trolling worms in the west basin.  With black ants and midge flies floating around the boat, surface feeding activity is strong.  Eared Greebs are greedily gathering insects throughout the day and fish can be seen regularly doing the same.  The magnificent Bald Eagles and Osprey are in full nesting cycle.  They provide incredible views as they defend their nests and lounge around the waterline.

We are in a period of pick your poison fishing.  Some anglers are choosing to target fish slow or at a standstill near the bottom with bait or imitations.  Others continue to produce quality fish trolling fast with spoons and the the Lake Almanor famous red and gold speedy shiner near the surface.  Most fish continue to strike Needlefish, Mooselook Lures, Speedy Shiners, and similar offerings in the top 10' of the water column.  An occasional salmon can be snatched up in the 12' range just below the other fish.

Canyon Dam boat ramp is open to the Public.  As of yesterday, Forest Service West was still closed and dead tree removal operations continue in that area.  Plumas Pines has sprung back to life with the snowbirds landing in their summer spots.  Majors Outpost looks good from the water and boat rentals should be near.  I can almost smell the Mai Tai's from the Plumas Pines Restaurant and their dock is in the water.  Carol's Cafe is serving delicious breakfasts, and as many of you know has one of the best courtesy docks on the lake.

Big Cove is starting to bustle as well.  The Almanor Fishing Association volunteers released this seasons rainbow trout.  The fish are dispersing throughout the lake providing additional enjoyment and table fare for those so inclined to eat their catch.

Let's officially put the nail in the coffin of winter, dust off that fishing gear and go catch a day of fun and sun.


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