Currently at 0900 hours it's 69 degrees with calm winds and a forecasted cooling trend under mostly clear skies.

Surface water temps are running in the 65+ and continue to increase as expected with the long warm summer days and decreased runoff.

All road access to the Almanor basin is open with some type of delay and construction to be expected on your given route.

The Veteran's Fishing Day hosted by the Almanor Fishing Association was concluded with great attendance under blue skies with solid fishing reported by most every angler.

Lake Almanor is currently rewarding anglers with excellent fishing.  The word is out.  Heavy boat traffic is being experienced at the "Red Banks" in the west basin below Bailey Creek.  Most anglers are trolling slow pulling worms and catching beautiful healthy rainbows in the 20"+ class.  An abundance of understanding and patience is necessary to navigate your boat through the fleet.   The hex hatch is happening.  The evening crowd is out in force.  Anchoring over the local hotspots with crickets and worms as the fish stage for the evening are producing brown trout in the 25" class up to 8lbs.  Heavy predation by selfish anglers is also being reported despite the efforts to encourage the release of these larger fish.  Above limit takes and freezer hoarding are unfortunate outcomes from this practice.  Please fish responsibly.  Fly fishermen are also doing well as the Mayflies emerge in the evenings predominately along the west shore.  If you like to fish with the fly rod and haven't made it up here yet, you're missing it again.  Kick it in gear and get after it before it's over.  The Chinook Salmon bite is increasing.  After a few years without it, slowly, it's coming back.  King's are being caught throughout the lake, but the greatest concentration of them appears to be in the East Basin near the Hamilton Branch.  Trollers are targeting them from Big Cove across to the Hamilton Branch with their favorite offerings of small spoons such as needlefish with slow, but consistent success.

Here's to a safe, enjoyable holiday weekend.  We've seen far fewer recreational boats to date than last year.  I can't help but expect that to change this weekend.  Be courteous, be patient, and above all, good luck and release a big one for the benefit of this fishery.

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