The run of beautiful weather continues.  As of this writing at 0713 hours it's currently 61 degrees under clear skies and calm winds.  We are expecting continued calm weather until the afternoon breezes pick up throughout the week.  Surface temps of the lake have reached 70 degrees and summertime fishing has set in.  This means we have left the west basin.  The fishing has moved to the east basin of the lake and into deeper cooler water.  Fish are being caught with a myriad of techniques and in different locations.  Boats are parking over their favorite spots drowning worms or crickets, or both and having intermittent success. Some anglers continue to fish the evening bite with success.  The hex hatch has peaked and we are seeing far fewer indications of this beautiful bug on the water.  Look for water deeper than 40' from Plumas Pines over to the East Shore and anywhere in between.  The fish are preferring bait.  I'm almost exclusively fishing worms at this time.   Most of my fish are being picked up around 35'.  Just yesterday, however, I was holding the fishing line and caught a beautiful brown trout on the surface before I could send the lure down.  Handlining a fish in the summer is a surprise and tends to put a smile on the face!  It's worth noting that in 70 degree waters it's increasingly necessary to handle your fish quickly and spend extra time on the release.  Fish are extremely sluggish and slow to recover.  Please fish responsibly.

The boat ramps are all open and the bass fishing has all but ceased.  Reasonably light boat traffic, scattered bites, unbelievable weather all adding up to enjoyable days on the water with good fishing.

Of additional interest is the rebound of the Chinook Salmon bite.  The efforts of the Department of Fish and Wildlife are again paying off with the return of 20' class salmon on the take.  These fish are excellent to eat and are reaching maturity.  There is no shame in in a 20' salmon for the barbecue.  Enjoy! 

The Almanor Fishing Association is putting on a picnic at the end of the Month.  Visit to buy tickets.  This is the organizations major yearly fundraising effort.  The organization directly benefits our fishery and provides a voice for us through their efforts.  Take a moment to buy a ticket or send a donation before heading to the water and catching a big fat trophy trout!

Good luck out there and above all, just enjoy the ride.



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