I think it's time to say welcome back to Lake Almanor.  The ramps are clear, the temperatures are warming- and, AND, and the fish are becoming active.

Currently it's 4pm and 59 degrees at Lake Almanor, up from last nights low of 35.  Our recent warmer temps staying above freezing is melting the couple of feet of snow that we still have- quickly.  Boat launching is less treacherous, a welcomed change at the ramp.  The lake, as you might have guessed, is now completely ice free.  On the water today I saw surface temps at 39 degrees before sunrise.  Surface temps warmed to above 41 under clear skies and calm winds by afternoon.  The forecast is for continued nice weather with a short cold snap mid week which will potentially bring us some freezing night time temps.

Do check road conditions before traveling as we continue to recover from a difficult winter.

Today was all brown trout for me.  I tried in vain to catch a rainbow but did boat a few fish in the 4 pound class.  There is insect activity with several midge flies resting on the Olivia Lynn as we trolled the calm waters.

It's a good time to book a fishing trip before the crowds disrupt the water.



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