The weather up here at Lake Almanor is currently 58 degrees outside with calm winds 15 minutes before 9am.  In addition to the great fishing, the weather has been the real gem this spring.  Light winds and cooler water temps are a joy.  We've been experiencing light recreational boat traffic and glassy water.  There has been some relatively significant afternoon thunderstorm activity of late producing some steady rain and continued much needed moisture.  The forecast is for continued calm conditions and warming weather for the next week and likely beyond. The lake is basically full.  The shoreline is a spectacular view and the fishing has been good.  Water surface temperature is maintaining a stable 65 degrees.  The local rivers continue to provide ample flows of fresh cold water into the lake.  There is a significant water temperature change at about 16'.  I talked to a diver servicing some of the myriad of sunken buoys that now surround the shoreline just out of sight under the water.  He said he believed it was a 20 degree change for the colder passing this point.  Targeting fish at 16' has proved successful as fish enjoy this transitional layer.  With that being said, fish are being taken throughout the water column down to 35'.  During my water sampling with the Sierra Institute we noticed nearly zero dissolved oxygen below 50'.  This would indicate that any attempts at fishing below 50' would be unsuccessful.

Yesterday we caught a solid 6 pound German Brown for release and kept 6 rainbows for the smoker.  We released one small rainbow bringing the total to 8 fish in 4 hours of fishing.  Anglers are reporting success throughout the lake and using a myriad of techniques.  The mayfly is now present in the water and showing up in the bellies of trout in addition to midge flies.  Spring is in full swing.

Road maintenance has begun and construction delays are present on most all entrances into the Almanor basin.  Be sure to check current conditions when driving and have patience.

Good luck out there!


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